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System and Authorization Audit

Would you like to be assured that the data derived from your IT system is 100% accurate, real and reliable?

Very often we hear the complaints from leaders whose company uses an SAP R/3 system that the accuracy and reliability of their system is questionable. It may be useful to know whether there are real problems behind these complaints, or in fact the fear of these managers is unfounded. 

Our SAP system and authorization audit service may give a satisfactory answer to the question above. 

If you apply for this service, we will do a full-scale audit of your SAP system according to the following criteria:

  • the design and structure of the application,
  • the technological background of the system,
  • the level of user training,
  • the authenticity of the access rights system,
  • the system operation safety.

We pay special attention to problematic areas, and if it is necessary, we not only call the client’s attention to the possible anomalies but also propose solutions to amend the problems. In case the client requires, we actually solve the problems identified.




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