SAP Services

It is our utmost aspiration to understand our Clients’ goals and to find solutions for their challenges.
The key to your business success is in your own hands. If you already own the appropriate business software, we may help you maximize its benefits through the services of our SAP experts, methodologies and tools. Our services will help you in every phase of using an SAP software – from planning to implementation and everyday operation – to promote the achievement of your goals. 

Stratégiai tanácsadás
  Strategic consulting
We provide help with preparing decision-making in IT matters, and support you with giving objective information and consulting in the development of medium- and long-term IT strategies. If you need more, we also follow through the realization of these strategies. >>
Megoldások bevezetése
  Solution delivery
Relying on our wide-ranging industry and implementation experience, we help you to choose the business-IT solution that is best for your company, and offer to implement it with the most optimal construction. >>
Megoldások optimalizálása
  Solution optimization
We offer help in the version updating, consolidating and roll-out of existing business applications, thus ensuring that your system works more quickly and effectively, and the business operations of your company are optimized. >>
Alkalmazások üzemeltetése
  Application service 
We take care of the whole or partial operation of your IT application, either permanently or just temporarily. Relying on our expertise and technology, we can provide a stable IT environment for the operation of your business application. >>
Alkalmazások menedzselése
  Application management
We take full or partial care of each and every task in connection with the management and maintenance of your business application, thereby ensuring that your key application is operated and accessible on the highest level possible. >>
Üzleti képesség szolgáltatás   Business Capability
Companies and business organizations continuously strive to acquire modern and special business capabilities that bring them competitive advantage, higher customer satisfaction, quicker decision-making, and satisfied and highly qualified human resources.>>


We synchronize your IT and business strategies, implement your business software in a fast and secure way and keep operating it at the highest level. Thus you may rest assured that your IT system will perfectly support your business goals!




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