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RUGET Hungary - manufacturing


" Ferrero Hungary decided to rely on an external SAP service partner, HostLogic, to increase internal efficiency and flexibility – by taking advantage of HostLogic’s focus on SAP technology and experience in SAP hosting and application management services. Thanks to this partnership, Ferrero people can free up quality time for core business activities."


/Stefano Brandinali
Director, Project Management Office
Ferrero Group/ 


"The SAP implementation was planned on a template developed in Malaysia however it was not in compliance with Hungarian accounting regulations and commercial practice. We needed an experienced Hungarian consulting partner for the localization project. The competence and expertise of HostLogic’s consultants were outstanding which made a smooth go-live possible."

/Tamás Szaniszló

FrieslandCampina Hungary/


"We needed a flexible, professional partner with international experience in SAP operation, business consulting and implementation. We have had several projects so far, all of these were fulfilled precisely according to the contract. In my opinion HostLogic is a client oriented, reliable partner, who offers complete professional services for affordable prices. I can recommend HostLogic to anyone who wants to support its business processes with a correct IT partner."

/János Kendelényi

Lufthansa Technik Budapest Kft./


"Taking everything into account I think hosting service is much more cost effective than operating your own system. In my opinion hosting is not a luxury service. If there is no extreme situation and need, like for a special research company, it is luxury to build up and run your own professional and experienced IT department for SAP operation. We have been partnering with HostLogic for 8 years, and now we renewed our contract again for 4 years more. I think this is someting that can best show our satisfaction with both the SAP system and the Hosting service."

/Wieder Ferenc
IT and investment manager

Vöröskő Ltd./


"We needed to find a professional IT company to separate and take over the operation of our SAP system in Hungary. Finally we chose HostLogic, becuase we felt it is the company who can provide the best support for such a company, who is not very familiar with IT. HostLogic very quickly saw through our claims and offered us a complete professional service for the operation of our SAP. Compared to the high level of service, their proposal was so competitive we could not choose anyone else."

/Ferenc Haiman
Lekkerland Ltd./


“With the introduction of hosting services we did save some costs; however, there are other, non-financial benefits that are more important. Employee work loads have decreased, and our data are stored with maximum security, which is a significant aspect. Also, there are no production shortfalls because of system downtimes. With the hosting services we are more relaxed than if we ourselves had to operate our system."

/András Muzsek
Kabai Táp Zrt./

"The SAP program makes it possible to introduce business process modules gradually. Thus, in 2008 we expanded our IT functionalities with the help of HostLogic: our sales team was tied into our integrated system by way of a PDA network. With the introduction of our mobile sales system our salespeople can work with up-to-date and accurate data, and our sales managers receive similarly accurate and up-to-date information from our sales representatives."

/Endréné Tancsik
developement manager

ELMA Zrt./


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