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Competence Center Collaboration

Would you like to forget about your company’s IT problems? 

The implementation of SAP R/3 systems has set many companies on a course of development where now more and more complex and sophisticated application system architectures provide the support for business processes.

We often see that the pressure caused by increasing business demands generates a situation in which a company’s IT can hardly meet the requirements, if at all. Another significant problem is that the professional level of the companies’ internal IT structure is frozen at a certain point, because they are continously forced to save costs, which obviously leaves the IT support underfunded. 

The ever-widening knowledge gap and increasingly sophisticated tasks result in a frustrated IT staff that is unable to meet the internal demands of the company, and is struggling with continuous fluctuation.

Even in our personal lives we often feel the need to share some of our burden with someone else, and just concentrate on the things that we feel closest to. Although it is virtually impossible to ask someone else to carry the burden of our personal problems for us, but Competence Center collaboration in IT system management, especially in the world of SAP, should not constitute a major challenge nowadays.


What you need for it is just a professional and experienced partner such as HostLogic and a well-drafted service level share agreement, and your company’s internal IT is already relieved from some of its tasks and responsibilities.
As a kind of “side product” of our Competence Center collaboration service, your company will have HostLogic as an IT and competence partner who not only helps in task management but also takes care of your company’s future. 

The strategic consulting inherent in this service helps you to gain long-term advantages, while you can also enjoy the assets of this partnership not only in connection with your existing applications but also those ones which are to be implemented in the future.

We mainly recommend these services to overburdened and frustrated IT managers, who find it increasingly hard to deal with their company’s internal system demands.





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