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Competence Center Advisory

Companies must formulate more and more complex and sophisticated IT environments in order to enable their business processes to develop according to strategic expectancies and bring market successes. Today the need to operate and develop various technological and software elements the management of which requires special knowledge and competences is not exclusive to large enterprizes. 

If a company does not have an organizational and operational model for Competence Centers, and if the applied processes and material environment (hardware, software, applications) are not in accordance with each other, the business successes of the company are at risk. 

Our SAP Competence Center Advisory service, together with our experience, will enable you to meet the requirements and perform at the highest level possible. We help you design, form and develop your company’s Competence Center, and if it is necessary, we provide regular feedback from which you will see whether your business is going according to the model you have planned.

We recommend this service to all of those companies that

  • have now reached at a certain point in their development when it is inevitable to form an up-to-date Competence Center;
  • already have an SAP Competence Center, but they are not satisfied with its efficiency;
  • would like to know how the development of their company affects the operation of the Competence Center.




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