Solution Optimization


Application Consolidation

In many cases we experience that older SAP systems contain add-ons and solutions which are a far cry from SAP and non-SAP standards. 

Those systems that contain unreasonable and unprofessional modofications can hardly be upgraded, if at all, which makes further system development impossible. This significantly reduces the future usability of the application, which may eventually risk the success of the business. 

Application consolidation ensures that the use and operation of SAP systems returns to the standards, which makes it possible to integrate new functionalities and processes for the support of the company’s operation.

Consolidation can affect various system levels, and can range from organizational mapping through the disabling of so-called standard (built-in) modifications to the migration of the content to a reinstalled system.

We are happy to provide our services to those companies which put a great emphasis on information technologies based on standard solution, and are flexible enough in their operation to adapt their processes to the possibilities of the system.

Naturally, even if a company displays the attitude just described above, there may still be a situation where application consolidation is indispensable, as the company may have changed significantly since the time of system implementation. Our application consolidation service is recommended to those clients who would like to establish an adequate start-up status before running a large-scale system development program.




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